Expensing "Questionably Functional"

Some employers allow you to expense industry newsletters under their Education or Development budget.

Here is a template you can use when reaching out to your manager.

Hi [name of manager],

I would like to expense a subscription to Questionably Functional, a weekly newsletter for software engineers and technology leaders. The author has over a decade of experience working in the technology industry, including as an engineering leader at Amazon Web Services.

The newsletter covers topics from project leadership, building influence, systems thinking, and more. As a paid subscriber, I would get access to three extra articles per month.

It costs $50/year ($5/month), which is a great value if we can learn and apply even one approach that helps me or the team be more effective.

Please let me know if you are good with this.

Thank you,

[Your name]

If you are a manager and would like to purchase this for your team, Group Subscriptions offer a 10% discount.